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Puzzle Workshop Version 2

Home Page Version 2 of the program can do everything that Version 1 can do, but can also create newspaper-style crosswords from an internal dictionary, by auto-filling grids of pre-defined word slots. Grids are square in shape, with the words slots arranged symmetrically across the diagonals.

Feature List
  • Comes with around 200 stock grids, from 7x7 to 27x27 squares in size.
  • Includes a built-in dictionary of some 60,000 words and phrases.
  • Can generate any number of alternative fills with a single mouse-click (up to several thousand).
  • Add clues manually, or import them along with a word list.
  • Can mix dictionary words with imported words/clues (from a file or the Windows clipboard).
  • Customise the dictionary - word-frequency in written English, parts-of-speech etc.
  • Around 20% of the dictionary words/phrases are assigned to Subject Categories, some of which have example, 'place-holder', clues already assigned. Words in Subject Categories can be viewed and selectively switched on/off.
  • Can replace words in a completed grid.
  • Save the filled grid as a .xwd file for later use.
  • Print any combination of empty grid, filled grid, clue list, answer list etc.
  • Save the output to a Rich Text or HTML file.


These pages demonstrate how the program can be used to create a finished crossword.

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