Puzzle Workshop

Crossword compiling software

Puzzle Workshop Version 2

The Built-in Dictionary

The program includes a built-in dictionary of some 60,000 words. Using the controls on the Dictionary Options tab you can restrict the words used.

Word Frequency
Word Frequency

Move the Frequency in Dictionary slider (right) to include only those words with a higher usage frequency (i.e. in written English).

Word Selection
Parts of Speech

Use the four check-boxes (right) to optionally remove particular parts of speech, e.g. to include only Common Nouns.

Subject Categories

About 20% of the internal dictionary words are assigned to Subject Categories, each of which typically includes several hundred words. A button reveals a dialogue which lists the subject categories, each category has a checkbox which can be used to include or exclude the whole category. The words in each category can be displayed - see screenshot of 'Art' words. They are all 'enabled' by default (ticks in all the checkboxes) - such that any crossword may use them. Some words appear in more than one category.

Subject Categories

The category words can be switched on/off globally, and the remaining 80% non-category words can also be switched on/off. All of the subject category words include clues, though many of these are 'place-holder' clues only, provided to indicate on a given crossword fill which category the word has been selected from. You can click any word in the list to see its default clue.

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