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Version 1 of the program only supports freeform crosswords, i.e. crosswords that aren't based on a pre-defined, symmetrical grid of word slots. The program uses a limited size word list and creates its own design as it tries to fit as many words as possible into the available space. Word density tends to be sparser than the typical newspaper-style crossword, but with the advantage of being able to create reasonable results from a relatively short word list - say a few hundred words. They're well-suited to creating themed puzzles for magazines, education etc.

Feature List
  • Supports square grids, between 10x10 and 30x30 squares.
  • Several built-in themed word lists supplied.
  • Can import words (incl. clues) from either an external file or the Windows clipboard.
  • Generate many alternative grid fills with a single mouse-click.
  • Add clues, either manually or import them along with the word list.
  • Save the filled grid design for later use.
  • Print any combination of empty grid, filled grid, clue list
  • Optionally add title, filename/statistics etc.
  • Save this output to a Rich Text or HTML file.
  • Display information on word usage, list & display fills where a particular word appears.
  • Includes a simple help page.

These pages show some of the program's features, and how to use it to create a finished crossword.

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