Puzzle Workshop

Crossword compiling software

Puzzle Workshop Version 1

Wordlist Screen
Word Lists
Built-in Themes

The easiest way to see how the program works is to create a new crossword grid fill using one of the themed word lists, as follows:

  1. From the Home tab click the Create button to move to the Setup tab.
  2. Click the down-arrow to select one of the built-in lists of theme words. These then appear in the left-hand column (see screenshot), while in the right-hand column are the definitions which will form the clues.
  3. You can optionally change the grid size by clicking in the Dimensions list box. The default is 15x15 squares.
  4. Then, click the Next button (bottom of screen) to move to the Generate tab.
  5. Click the Go button for a quick fill. Alternatively, click the Start button in the Optimal Fills section to generate a series of fills.
Other Word List Sources

You would normally import your own word list, the program allows it to be read from an external file, or pasted via the Windows clipboard. The formats are explained in the program help, and some examples supplied.

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