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Existing Search Methods

Precision vs. Recall


How does Nominex work?






Printed Works

Beverley Collins, Daniel Jones, Inger M. MeesEnglish Pronouncing Dictionary2002
Edward CarneyA Survey of English SpellingRoutledge, 1994

Carney contains a detailed set of text-to-speech rules, which form the basis of the rules used in Nominex. Carney's 225 rules include numerous exceptions, which have been further expanded to generate the detailed rule set used in Nominex.


On-line papers

Below are links to some on-line academic papers which describe methods for string comparison, syllable splitting etc. Some of the algorithms discussed are enshrined in Nominex. The papers are listed below in chronological order of publication.


An Algorithm to Align Words for Historical ComparisonMichael A. Covington (1996)The University of Georgia
Alignment of Phonetic SequencesGrzegorz Kondrak (1999)Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
A New Algorithm for the Alignment of Phonetic SequencesGrzegorz Kondrak (2000)Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
A Measure of Acoustic Confusability and Exploiting Uncertainty in Speech Recognition System DesignAnna Hamalainen (2002)University of Edinburgh, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Adaptive Name Matching in Information Integration Mikhail Bilenko, Raymond Mooney, William Cohen, Pradeep Ravikumar, & Stephen Fienberg (2003)University of Texas at Austin / Carnegie Mellon University.
Phonetic Alignment and SimilarityGrzegorz Kondrak (2003)Computers and the Humanities, Volume 37, Number 3, August 2003, pp. 273-291.
Data-Driven Approaches for Automatic Detection of Syllable BoundariesJilei Tian (2004)Audio-Visual Systems Laboratory Nokia Research Center, Tampere, Finland.
Look Alike/ Sound Alike Algorithms for Assessing Drug Name SimilaritiesErica Kolatch, Jessica Toye & Bonnie Dorr (2004)Project Performance Corporation / University of Maryland.
Phonetic Comparison AlgorithmsBrett Kessler (2005)Washington University in St Louis
Evaluation of Several Phonetic Similarity Algorithms on the Task of Cognate IdentificationGrzegorz Kondrak & Tarek Sherif (2006)Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
Syllable Alignment: A Novel Model for Phonetic String SearchRuibin Gong & Tony K.Y. Chan (2006)School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
A Comparison of Personal Name Matching: Techniques and Practical IssuesPeter Christen (2006)Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and the Computer Sciences Laboratory, Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, The Australian National University.
A Comparison and Analysis of Name Matching AlgorithmsChakkrit Snae (2007)Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Volume 21 January 2007 ISSN 1307-6884.
Phonetic Models for Generating Spelling VariantsRahul Bhagat and Eduard Hovy (2007)Information Sciences Institute University Of Southern California. In Proceedings International Joint Conference of Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). Hyderabad, India
Sam's String MetricsSam Chapman Natural Language Processing Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield.