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Batch Ranges

These are the ranges of Batch numbers analysed on this site:

Batch PrefixRanges searchedNumber of Batches FoundContentLast time data analysed
C Batches000001 to 410000,
700001 to 724000,
800001 to 870000
28,401Mainly christenings, some births and a tiny number of other typesAug 2012
E Batches000001 to 1560001,202Events described as OtherJan 2010
I Batches000001 to 13000013,729"I" means "index" but no other guidance is provided.Aug 2012
J Batches000001 to 180000356Mainly male christenings, some birthsMar 2009
K Batches000001 to 180000352Mainly female christenings, some birthsMar 2009
M Batches000001 to 20000017,989Almost entirely marriagesJan 2010
P Batches000001 to 300002,265Mainly christenings & birthsMar 2009

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